A must see for everyone!

By laura694
Written December 28, 2011
Kevin's inspirational story draws you in from the very beginning and keeps you captivated til the credits roll. It's amazing to see how a young boy's passion led him to become the voice of one of the most beloved puppets of all times.
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A must-see movie for all generations!

By Cassadine555
Written October 30, 2011
I saw this film during it's premiere weekend. I urge everyone to see it. It's amazing to see how a little boy's dream and passion evolved into one of the most important figures of our time. Elmo's kind, compassionate, and innocent spirit is the type of character that this society needs and it's all due to the generosity and compassionate heart of it's puppeteer, Mr. Kevin Clash. This film leads us on a journey of pure love beginning with Mr. Clash's parents, to all of his mentors, to Mr. Clash's love for his audience (of all ages), ending with Mr.Clash's mentoring of a new generation of puppeteers. This film will make you cry, will make you cheer, will make you laugh, and will make you love mankind. Thank you to Constance Marks for making this remarkable and inspiring film. Do not miss it. P.S. Special thanks to Mr. Clash for meeting the fans outside of the theater. Your generosity goes beyond words. Much success with this film. Wilma :)
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By Kryptonian
Written December 03, 2011
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By ebrew
Written November 23, 2011
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Written April 16, 2012
Well you could go to this if you need a nap
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