By VHOne
Written March 31, 2007
Behind the Mask started off a tad slow but it was good. You figured it out long before the characters did, but hey...that's movie life. I actually went to hear the music of my nephew who scored the movie as I usually don't attend slasher films, but overall it was pretty good. It was a different slasher flick and to me, was not the blood and gore that you see in so many. Neat concept...the storyline. I would say GO see it. I generally am pretty hard on movies and don't go to too many of today's films. I had a personal interest here, but not so much so not to keep my objectivity.
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it could have been good

By db82
Written March 19, 2007
the concept and storyline had potential, but the script was cheesy and predictable
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By covenantisanawesomemovie!
Written March 15, 2007
i saw this movie and it rocks!
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A Good Time for Fans of Slasher Flicks

By Horror Freak
Written March 19, 2007
Anyone whose fave films include the Halloween or Friday the 13th flicks will find much to enjoy in this indie mockumentary about a young guy who dreams of being the next big-name serial killer. While the real slasher stuff doesn't turn up until the final third of the movie, there's plenty of fun deconstruction of the horror genre in the first part of the movie to keep slasher fans entertained.
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The best UN-movie in a while

By beren
Written March 19, 2007
If you are a big Jerry Bruckheimer / Michael Bay fan, go see something else. This is a black comedy for people who like to think. That being said, it is slow to start, and picks up somewhere in the middle. I found it fresh and worth seeing.
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