Learning to Live 101

By BetaMike
Written July 12, 2011
Written from such a personal standpoint, "Beginners" has something for everyone. Christopher Plummer is, as to be expected, grand and noble in his role of the recently out dad but it is the emotion that Ewan MacGregor displays as the disaffected son learning to understand and, eventually, get over his father is certainly to garner him an Oscar nod. If the film was only about the relationship between father and son, it would strike a singular hollow note. Expectations were on a level plane going into this film, but I was completely haunted by the performance of each actor and I dare you to not identify with someone in this film as you watch.
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By mitchman_NYC
Written February 27, 2012
This is a terrific movie that you may never have heard of if you didn't see that Christopher Plummer got a best supporting actor Oscar for his wonderful work. Ewan MacGregor was entirely overlooked by the Academy in a terrific performance, and the story is fresh and interesting, beautifully acted and very cleverly told. The editing is amazing, and even though the movie jumps through time to tell the story, it's extremely clear why we're seeing what we're seeing. A great script, a great story... I really loved this movie and I recommend it very highly!
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Good Movie

By HairDaryl
Written July 05, 2011
This movie was good... the acting was very good... the content was really nice..... my only complaint is.... it was very slow. it could have had a few more funny scenes in it to keep you going..... All in all, I liked it.... but it seemed to keep going on and on. most art house movie goers will enjoy it.... kids will not.
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great movie

By moviefan.com
Written June 25, 2011
this movie was worth the price of admission.a nice little comedy drama about a man,his gay dad acute french girl and a loving dog.intelligent movie well acted and i enjoy the way it was filmed.if you looking for a slice of life kind of movie and not a explosion action flick this is it.i hope it does better at theaters
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By yutzess
Written January 12, 2012
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