By kmacko
Written October 23, 2007
What a delicious movie! A must see for all fans of Sidney Lumet. Ethan Hawke is mesmerizing. Philip is a bit too intense for my tastes. For me, the highlight is the screen play. A masterpiece for first time writer Kelly Masterson. Any idea when his next work will appear on the big screen? Can a real fan like myself wait that long?
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Before The Devil Knows You're Dead

By rashur305
Written January 24, 2008
I enjoyed this movie. Packed with a great cast, it keeps you entertained throughout. The plot lines up to be something that you think you can predict but about half way through this movie you realize that you really can't guess the ending. Interesting and "low-budget" looking cinematography. Definitely an adult movie. Great acting from Ethan Hawke, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Marissa Tomei along with a very stable supporting cast. If you are looking for something different, see this movie - if you are looking for your typical poppy flick, don't. I probably won't buy this movie for my collection but it's definitely worth the money to see it while it's in the theatre. The reviews I've read have said it's a good movie and I would agree.
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Stay away

By Jimm528
Written November 03, 2007
It takes only a few minutes for this movie to devolve into an absurd and alienating little moral play. Does it still count as a tragedy when you have no sympathy for anyone on screen? Did we really need to be trusted so little as to have to watch the same scenes played out repeatedly in case...what? We missed something? Not at this leisurely pace, we didn't. The characters motivations felt false; the broken narrative was gimmicky in the worst way; Marisa Tomei was utterly wasted in a slight, pathetic role; and lord, that overbearing score made we want to run screaming from the theater. Overripe, dated, and silly, this must be the most overrated film of the year.
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bleak movie

By normheath
Written November 06, 2007
This movie isn't for the faint-of-heart. One of us hated it. There was no-one to identify with - all the characters were basically nasty and unpleasant. The film wasn't entertainment, just torture. The other half of us was grippped by the suspense and thought the acting was amazing. The plot unfolded like a Greek tragedy. Overweening hubris, one thing goes wrong and the characters fall deeper into an ever-wideneing morass. The events seemed to follow inevitably - but this is not something I'd go to see if I wanted to be inspired or uplifted. A very nasty morality tale.
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One of the worst of the year

By cjtolmie
Written January 11, 2008
This movie was awful. I was shocked at how much I didn’t like it. Good actors with an awful script. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, was so thoroughly unlikable it was hard to care what happened to him, infact you almost want to see him suffer. Ethan Hawke was so pathetic and such a cry baby I couldn’t stand him either. Even Marisa Tomei was clunky and unlikeable. All the likeable folk die. Depressing, and difficult to watch due to the horrible script and horrible characters. This was well below the actors who performed in this film. Only watch this if you are a machocist.
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