BEFORE SUNSET = Bittersweet Coda

By lugubriousthespian
Written May 11, 2009
In Richard Linklater's BEFORE SUNRISE we met American slacker Jesse (zestfully played by Ethan Hawke) and French beauty Celine (portrayed indelibly by Julie Delpy) who strike up a conversation on a train headed to Paris, and so smitten by each other's charms end up (after some heart-felt luring by Hawke) chatting and strolling the rest of the evening away in Vienna while quickly falling in love. It was a small, lovingly produced little movie about communication and and connecting with an individual. At the end of that film the two romantics made a pact to meet in six months at the same place the left each other's side.Thus the start of Linklater's new, even more exquisite work of cinematic art as the two are unexpectedly reunited 9 years later. Jesse is now a popular novelist on a book tour in Paris and Celine shows up at his signing in a small side street bookshop. Here we get quite a departure from the original film and so much the better.The next 50 minute conversation is AMAZING!!
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By tjhicks86
Written June 01, 2013
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By gilbert282
Written February 20, 2010
Julie's character (celine) sketches european nobility upon the motion picture canvas. She's tough , firm, and yet graceful as the slow moving Seine. She knows who she is, she doesn't have to please anyone, a strong, independent soul, and yet lovely as the sun setting over Rouen. She's Paris, She's Europe, She's the spice in the bread, the cinnamon in the coffee. She has become this from the prequel. And yet little by little Celine's strong facade begins to crumble before the persistent charm of Ethan Hawke. Ethan's ( Jesse's ) a kind, trying to be well-mannered american friend to Celine; and doing a good job, but not at being as strong-minded as She. Poor Jesse : he's like a kid with a sweet tooth staring through a window at the world's lovliest eclair. I absolutely loved this movie. I watched it 20 times. I hope there's more...........
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