Before I Go to Sleep Synopsis
A woman (Nicole Kidman) awakes each day with no memory as a result of a traumatic accident.

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Slow starter.

By geopierce1
This movie takes awhile to get moving. The first half is so slow we wondered if it would ever go anywhere! Once it started moving along it was totally worth the wait. Thrilling and suspenseful!! ...

Excellent Movie

By jbrown3845
Initially it was a little difficult to understand the plot with the number of flashbacks, but the ending made it all very clear what was really going. on. Very entertaining and suspenseful....

Twists and Turns!

By Perseverance1
I LOVED this movie! I would start to think I had it all figured out, and then wham! Something would happen to prove me wrong. I love Nicole Kidman. Been a fan for years. Great movie!!...

Loved it

By badiyaaldujaili


By vrupcic
I luv this movie so much...

It tried and failed to be more

By Yellowkite
This movie tried to be edgy and it tried to be suspenseful and it tried to be unique. It failed on all three counts. It was obvious who the villain was even though they tried to misdirect you. The...


By finkenberg61
I read the book and liked it. I saw the movie and liked it even better than the book. This is an adult thriller without explosions, CGI and superheroes. Its character driven and leaves you on the...

Before I go to sleep

By nancylittle97
Kept me guessing the whole movie, very suspenseful....

Amazing cast, unorginal plot, but still great

By tiarenee

Great Acting Bad Everything Else

By Uncle_Bobby
If you like to just watch Nicole act, Go. Otherwise? Wait until it comes out on Amazon Prime. You're sitting on the edge of your seat for the first half of the movie, noticing loose thread and gaps...

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Rated R | For Some Brutal Violence and Language
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Common Sense Media says Violent amnesia thriller is entertaining but unmemorable.
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