Beer Wars Live Synopsis
Fathom and Ducks In A Row Entertainment present Beer Wars LIVE with Ben Stein, a one night event taking you inside the boardrooms and back rooms of the American beer industry.

Movie Reviews

Beer Wars

By Hoppdog
Should be viewed by all beer drinkers everywhere. Big corporate brewers are disregarding those of us who know what beer should taste like by dumbing down their products and hammering the public with...

Great insight into the beer industry.

By Turboedtwo
I should start off by saying this movie is only going to appeal to you if you like craft brewing and/or are a home brewer. You're given three people to follow, Sam from Dogfish Head, Anat (the...


By shumy
I thought the movie was good and informative. It really showed how the big 3 are controlling AHOLES !!!!!l I will look twice at the labels and make sure I'm not buying a AB,Coors/Miller product....

Beer Wars Review

By tli
The movie is a must see if you are interested in the micro-brew beer movement and if you enjoy watching a very well done documentary....

A must see if you have any interest in brewing beer or drinking beer.

By jeremywarren727
You will learn a lot about what it takes to make it in the beer industry and how hard it is to get your beers sold due to the three tier system. If you enjoy home brewing or have ever wondered what...

Beer Wars Live

By Goofyguy6782
I enjoyed the movie and the subject which it covered. I have been a big fan of various types of beer for a very long time and I shall continue to be a big fan of beer for as long as I'm alive. I...

Beer Wars

By rosaliarm
Very intereesting movie for Craft Beer aficionados. I especially enjoyed the profiles of Sam Caligione of Dogfish Head Brewery and Greg Koch of Stone Brewery. Young guys who clearly enjoy making...

The lady and the beer

By ali5756
Overall this was a cool movie, but the only think I wished was that the filmaker chronicled more than just three craft breweries. She did not include anyone from Portland, OR which to me was a...

Beer Wars Live - Not

By jrfaris
The "live" showing in west coast theaters was 3 hr tape delayed. Since the live portion didn't really have any audience interaction, it could just a well been done at a pre-screen and would have...

Poor live section

By titaniumtommy
We saw it on the west coast in Redwood City. First the theater: great place, but the show didn't start on time...had to go down and let someone know. Then during the live portion of the show, the...

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