Beer for My Horses Synopsis
A deputy and his partner go after a drug lord who kidnapped his girlfriend.
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Beer for My Horses

By ATL_Movie_Man
I'd love to see this movie but the national monopoly movie chains in this country aren't showing it anywhere near Atlanta. Who's the genius in NY or Hollywood (or Knoxville!) deciding that we don't...

Woo hoo!!!!!!

By barb276
This looks like a great movie! Can't wait to see it!...

Beer For My Horses

By dakey
Well this is sad. Doing some research online, this movie hasn't even make $300,000 in box office sales. Seem like allot of people want to see the move, but just don't have the theater in town to see...

TOBY your the BEST!

By sissiedawn
Toby does it again - He is amazing and I cant wait to see this movie. Need to make sure that come September it gets the okay to go nationwide so everyone can see it....


By tobybears
I can't wait to see this movie. Looks like it is a lot of fun. Way to go Toby, you rock. Well I got to see the movie and it is a Hoot. If you just want to sit back, relax and have a good...

Beer for My Horses

By Imroadrunner7
Toby Keith and Rodney Carrington aren't going to win any Oscars for this movie, but they did what they set out to do...give movie goers a good time. I went with my mom and my daughter. Three...

Beer For My Horses

By msanchez1965
The movie was really funny. Toby Keith and Rodney Carrington made that movie what it is. I would definetly recommend seeing the movie. Very entertaining and if you love Toby Keith...well let me...

What a surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By erslugger
I admit I am a Toby Keith fan, but I was a little leery of this movie as I had read that it had been put together by Toby and Rodney Carrington. I was afraid that there would be no plot, just high...

Still Laughing

By LP08
Man alive! Rodney Carrington & Toby Keith have created a WINNER!! Just a great summetime, laugh out loud, buddy movie! Who'd've thunk?! I went just for something to do and because my friend...

Beer for my horses

By luttrellfamily
Very good movie, my family enjoyed it very much...............

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Rated PG-13 | For sexual dialogue, some violence, sexual humor, brief nudity, language and drug content