Completely Hilarious

By Gigante
Written November 01, 2007
I watched this at a sneak last night and I must say it is the funniest movie I have seen in a while. It reminds me of Shrek, where you can take the entire family and the kids will enjoy the movie for its animation and story while the adults can enjoy the humor of Seinfeld. Do yourself a favor and go see this movie, or even better, take your entire family.
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Are Americans Really Stupid & Gullible? Don't Rate This Garbage As Acceptable! AIM HIGHER For The Sake Of Us All!

By smyth
Written November 04, 2007
Wow! My family and I saw this movie and we were turned off by how poorly it was written and executed, especially in the second half. The movie just seemed to fall apart. Come on folks, we all watch bad movies from time to time, but does that mean we have to 'Green Light' many of these things. I can’t believe how many people find this type of cinematography acceptable. It is just amazing that a movie company can produce any piece of garbage and a great deal of people go along with it, as long as it is packaged right and uses the right stars (because it's Jerry? - It Sucks!). Perhaps this is the same mentality that has given America its current political situation? It just goes to show that some things CAN be polished! After spending over $100 last night, I felt cheated because the movie company didn't put in enough effort to justify the profits they will be making. JUST REMEMBER, WHAT WE FIND ACCEPTABLE TODAY SHAPES WHAT WE WILL BE WATCHING TOMORROW! Aim High, for the sake of us all!
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Started OK, Then It Lost Focus And Got Really Bogus

By studmoose
Written November 05, 2007
The kids and I watched Bee Movie last night. We (including the whole audience) laughed only a couple of times, but that was it! I'm a total fan of animated movies. This one, though, lost its focus about two-thirds of the way into the movie. It was almost like they fired the original writer and brought in a substitute closer who missed the mark and could not end it properly. I'm not sure if they ran into budgeting issues or a 90 minute time constraint, but the ending seemed rushed, poorly connected to the start and just plain bogus(PAINFUL). The movie had moderate potential but really overplayed the normal and expected sterotype thing. The only other movie that left me feeling this bad was Cabin Boy, AND WE ALL KNOW HOW THAT FELT! The kids afterwards said it was just OK. Only a shill for DreamWorks, a simpleton or someone with low viewing standards would rate this movie well. I own virtually every childrens DVD but won't add this one to my collection. Cable viewing will suffice. Regards
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By Daydream
Written November 03, 2007
Bee Movie was a tough movie to sit through. Seinfeld had some stand-up material in the show that not even the characters in the show laughed at. Out of all of the children in the theater, I don’t remember one scene where they were laughing. Two kids and their mother left to go to the bathroom halfway through and never came back. The only interesting part that I remember was the abundance of jobs that the bees had to choose from. Other than that I would pass this one up. I am still waiting for something new with more of a cast than bugs just like the ones in Antz or A Bug’s Life.
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Some folks HAVE seen it.

By TheBostonTerrier
Written October 26, 2007
Yes, prior to wide release, studios often screen films to cast, families, and sample it is possible to have an educated opinion BEFORE the release date. That having been said, you will love this film. It really is a movie that all ages can enjoy on different levels. I feel that the posters and clips don't do it justice. I won't give anything away plotwise, but there are plenty of surprises to keep you gasping and laughing.
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