Bee Movie Synopsis
A bee sues humans for eating honey.
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Completely Hilarious

By Gigante
I watched this at a sneak last night and I must say it is the funniest movie I have seen in a while. It reminds me of Shrek, where you can take the entire family and the kids will enjoy the movie for...

Are Americans Really Stupid & Gullible? Don't Rate This Garbage As Acceptable! AIM HIGHER For The Sake Of Us All!

By smyth
Wow! My family and I saw this movie and we were turned off by how poorly it was written and executed, especially in the second half. The movie just seemed to fall apart. Come on folks, we all watch...

Started OK, Then It Lost Focus And Got Really Bogus

By studmoose
The kids and I watched Bee Movie last night. We (including the whole audience) laughed only a couple of times, but that was it! I'm a total fan of animated movies. This one, though, lost its focus...


By Daydream
Bee Movie was a tough movie to sit through. Seinfeld had some stand-up material in the show that not even the characters in the show laughed at. Out of all of the children in the theater, I don’t...

Some folks HAVE seen it.

By TheBostonTerrier
Yes, prior to wide release, studios often screen films to cast, families, and sample it is possible to have an educated opinion BEFORE the release date. That having been said, you...

"B" for Boring

By Jerseygirl75
This movie was very boring. It did not have much of a plot and it was not funny at all. Save your money....

Funny movie!

By ak_moviemom
My daughter and I both saw the movie together and we both liked it. My daughter is 9 and she said that the movie was funny. She also wanted to learn more about bee's after seeing the movie, which...

Don't review unless you have seen the movie!!

By mommy2Alexis/Damon
To the people who write reviews when they haven't seen the movie. Please don't say anything negative about movies unless you have seen it. That isn't fair, especially to the people who want to go see...

What's all the "Buzz" about?!

By mdmoss
Just saw a pre-screening earlier this week and was very disappointed. Animation was good, except for the heroine, and there were some solid jokes, but the overall movie was stupid! A bee suing the...

this little bee stung me

By sexyblondqt5555
this movie had far too much sexual innuendos i was dissapointed by all the bloody scenes of people gettting stung and killed by poisen bees i though it would be a wonderful movie to take my one year...

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Rated PG | For mild suggestive humor
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