“BEDTIME STORIES” – A tendency to almost put you to SLEEP =

By jimchudnow
Written December 19, 2008
(Per an advance preview:) Some fantasy movies (such as “ENCHANTED”) are constructed to be strongly entertaining to both kids and adults; to me, “BEDTIME STORIES” is NOT one of those. ADAM SANDLER stars as a hotel worker who -- along with his sister’s co-worker friend (KERI RUSSELL)-- is asked to care for his seldom-seen niece & nephew. He has co-workers who are friendly (such as RUSSELL BRAND) & not friendly (GUY PEARCE) as he tries to get a better job. Sandler’s character is not slapstick, but seems to exist indecisively between being silly and semi-grounded in reality. The idea of his telling the kids some Bedtime Stories (which later start to actually HAPPEN to him) is a good concept, but, the periodic creativity is derailed by a lot of sadly WEAK writing. There were just MILD laughs (almost all from KIDS) to this decently acted film; but, when the only hearty laugh is caused by sound effects concerning a guinea pig, you’ve got a DISAPPOINTING movie. Add 1 star if for KIDS only.
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bedtime stories

By cherone57
Written December 31, 2008
Started out a little slow, but ended up being a really good movie. I am not a big Adam Sandler fan, but I enjoyed this one.
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Bedtime Stories

By missmarci79
Written December 26, 2008
So, our whole family just went. My father, mother, my 10-year-old sister, my 40-year-old husband, my 30-year-old self and my very particular brother. AND I have to say, if you leave a theater talking about it, it was AWESOME!! Something for everybody. Great for the kids, a little Sandler for the dads, and a little romance for the ladies. Sandler keeps from getting TOO silly and making it just right! Glad I went and thankful it was a Christmas full of fun for my family!
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Don't waste your money

By homeschool4jmj
Written January 11, 2009
This movie would have been entertaining if they hadn't given every single joke that was in the movie, in the ad. If your not under the age of 10, chances are you won't like it. The actors for the kids were absolutley terrible (It may not annoy you, but it drove me crazy). The ending wasn't in any way believable. If you're not going just to take your young children, then don't bother going, unless your an idiot.
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Woo hoo!

By downtownwes
Written June 27, 2015
This was an awesome movie. It was waayyyy better than expected. Great acting, crazy good effects, and funny parts kids and adults will like too. Plus it was a clean movie suitable for kids..Must go!
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