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Beck "08 Live

By vollsue
Written July 21, 2008
The truth in what he says, the sensitivity in which he says it, and the humor of his delivery, makes Glen Beck a must see!! We can hardly wait for the opportunity to see a new performance. I just hope that my muscle soreness, from laughing so hard, will be healed by then!
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glen beck 08

By davis clan
Written July 20, 2008
This was the greatest. Glen really knows how to talk to people and relate to them as if he is talking to you personally. I really think Glens gift should be used more
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Glenn Beck '08

By courtgirl
Written July 19, 2008
This is the best show I've seen in a long time. It was both funny and touching. It was something I could have taken my children to and there was nothing in it that offended me. He used humor to speak the truth about issues facing us today in America and helped me know that I'm not alone in being proud to be an American and know that my voice does count. Our theatre was packed. A good time was had by all.
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Beck 08

By mariefam84
Written July 22, 2008
It was great! Loved every minute of it, I didn't stop laughing or crying the entire time. Glenn has a great message!
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Beck '08 Live

By docsaxey
Written July 20, 2008
It was great! Beck is hilarious, and right on about nearly everything. And thanks to Fandango, we just went to the kiosk, got our tickets with no line, and walked right in. It was a great evening and date.
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