A great man on so many levels...

By Happymom100
Written June 13, 2008
Don't miss this show! Glenn Beck is enlightening, entertaining and shares his wisdom and wit in an unforgettable show! Don't miss it!
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Funny, this isn't even out yet and already people are dissing it...

By retrohousewife1982
Written July 02, 2008
I find it so funny that this isn't even out yet and over 50 narrow-minded people are already dissing it with a flat "No!"...What's worse than someone who is ignorant by circumstance are those who are ignorant by choice. And even worse than someone who is ignorant by choice is someone who refuses to even listen to an opposing idea because they think that they are omnipotent and know everything about everything. Do yourselves a favor and try to open your mind to a new idea. He could be wrong, sure, but he could also be very right. You will never know unless you listen with an open mind and do your own thinking for a change.
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To Michael Moore-on Fans

By Michae1c
Written July 03, 2008
It’s easy to see that lefties will do anything to silence any thought that is different from theirs. They can’t open their minds because they are sheep… We all know what happens to sheep!!!
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Dishonest Reviews - Great show

Written July 21, 2008
Since my original review wasn't posted before the show, even though all the other dishonest reviews were posted, I'm going to go ahead and update it. ----------------------------- I agree with the last two reviews who mentioned no one has even seen this, yet they are reviewing it -- negitively at that. I also find the lack of any comment in the review interesting since every movie I have looked at on Fandango has had more comment reviews than no text reviews. It seems to me an automated system or a bunch of lefties who just don't have to work for a living are busy spamming the comment and rating system. It's too bad people can't be more honest. By the way, I checked the reviews at least two weeks ago and the lefty spammers were already up to it. ----------------------------- Now my review... The show was excellent and was well worth the price. I would go again if another show becomes available.
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I'm going!

By donorman
Written July 15, 2008
People who are writing negative reviews have never been.
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