A weak, offensive overall horrible movie!!!!!!!!

By Ewansgal88
Written February 27, 2007
First of all, most scenes fell flat. It was a lame, weak predictable plot. Most importantly however, I have never been so offended in my life!!!! The overall implication was that a woman cannot be happy and her life cannotbe complete unless she has a man. Now I am not a hater of men or a lesbian but come on!! Diane Keaton's character is on an obsessive quest to find her daughter a man. She will have failed at life if she lets her daughter continue on her own. Never once does it cross anyones mind that a woman can do fine on her own and even be happy. She doesn't even learn her lesson in the end... she gets married!!!
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Helarious Movie!

By laurielle
Written March 21, 2007
I took my mom with me and we were just cracking up the whole time! Its a must see!
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absolutely ridiculous

By jed77
Written April 20, 2007
who honestly said "hey this is going to be a good movie" and put their stamp of approval on this script?? Who actually gave the go ahead to film this movie? If you do decide to see it, don't be ashamed to get up and walk out, you'll be doing yourself a favor.
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because i said so

By jps61756
Written February 18, 2007
it was a cute romantic comedy. it's a good feel good movie.
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Save it for Netflix

By brad2k
Written February 09, 2007
As much as I love Diane Keaton and want to say that this is a worthwhile movie, I just can't bring myself to do it. The story has plot holes so large that a John Deer could fall in and never be found. The ridiculous sexual undertone is completely tacky and unnecessary. It's worth seeing if you happen to have Netflix, but it's not worth seeing in a theater.
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