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By pierreemmanuela
Written July 02, 2013
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A Sassy, Fun comedy!

By sodapop1
Written July 29, 2008
Beauty stars Queen Latifah. This Sassy, Fun comedy will have you laughing from start to finish! I liked this film because it was really funny and cute! Acting I thought was good and sassy! Latifiah and Alicia Silverstone (stars in Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed) were the best. Sherri Shepherd ( was a host on The View) was excellent too! Director Billie Woodruff made a sassy girls night out movie. Writers Elizabeth Hunter and Kate Lainer wrote a warmhearted comedy. This movie is pretty much a girls night out kind of film. Little Boys will not find this movie interesting at all. But Little Girls and Moms will enjoy it. Beauty Shop is a sassy, fun, cleaver story.
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Oh no

By foxyjo123
Written December 24, 2006
I just didn't like this movie. I didn't think that it was really all that funny. and I would definitly not watch it again.
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By glxy
Written September 11, 2007
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"A Great Movie"

By jerseyjones
Written January 01, 2009
I really liked this movie. It was well done. I liked the acting. I'm glad they picked the cast they did. It worked really well. I like pretty much like all Mena Suvari movies. She's one of my favorite actresses. Kevin Bacon and Queen Latifah were also good in the movie. I think this is a good movie for anyone to enjoy.
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