Must GO!

By kermit1
Written January 14, 2012
Timeless! I went with my two kids 22 and 19 (je je) to much memories...
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By Leblanc98
Written January 15, 2012
We saw Beauty and the Beast as a family of seven yesterday. Two parents, one grandma, and four boys ages 12,10,9 and 6. Who said it's only for girls? We've seen the movie many times on DVD, but seeing it on the big screen was worth it. Disney is sharing the magic with a new generation while also enhancing the movie with 3D. We felt a little cheating with the 3D on Lion King, but the 3D was spectacular in Beauty and the Beast. In fact my 6 year old was a little scared with certain parts when the Beast is angry. Have your little ones sit close to you because they may get a little frightened. Can't wait for the next movie to come out! Sharing it with your kids, either girl or boy, is truly magical and something only Disney can create.
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A Beauty of a 3D

By endreau
Written January 15, 2012
Usually when I go to 3D movies I have to make sure to take some Ibuprofen before going because of the massive headache that I will receive. This was not the case with this movie nor was it really a case of just Disney trying to score some big bucks off of the 3D craze. True, they were, but in this case it fit. The 3D visualizations were not over the top but they really felt like they belonged where they were. It added some depth to the scenes which at times before had felt crowded as well as giving more life to a childhood classic. As an adult who has seen this movie countless times it was nice to be taken back to a place of whimsy while watching this and seeing the story brought to life in a much different way. I would recommend anyone to go although if you've seen it before, I would possibly attempt a matinee showing in order to decrease the amount of the cost since the 3D is not the original format and you are already familiar with the storyline.
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You Would Love This Movie

By munozblanca2
Written March 31, 2012
I have 4 boys and only one girl it was really surprising that my boys also like the movie and my daugther was the most excited obviosly. I highly recommend this movie even though wer had already see it in the past it is nicer to watch it in a 3d..
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Big fan but not...

By tidoublegrrr2010
Written January 21, 2012
Loved the movie as I loved it when it was originally released, however the 3D wasn't all that great. The only reason I saw it in 3D was because my daughter wanted to see the movie. The movie itself is truly a classic. I was expecting a little more as far as the 3D part was concerned, especially being a Disney movie and was impressed with that part at all. Not a big fan of the Real 3D movies in general and this one wasn't any different.
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