Tale as old as time

By Erin12110
Written January 15, 2012
Its been twenty years since I last saw this in theater. When I heard about its release, I was in awe. After counting the days until its debut, I saw Beauty and the Beast last night. Oh my! it was amazing! Not only were the 3D effects stunning, but it brought back a lot of 90's Disney nostalgia. Alan Menken and Howard Ashman were musical geniuses. A few parts that really stood out in 3D were the following - The effects of the castle, ballroom scene, Be Our Guest, and the battle/transformation scene at the end. It actually felt like you were in the rain watching their kiss. It was such a beautiful experience. I highly recommend Beauty and the Beast for both kids, and the people who grew up watching this. The magic of Disney has done it again!
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Flawless Disney Classic

By christopherwsheppard
Written January 15, 2012
From music to art direction, while watching this film you'll find yourself smiling uncontrollably. The singing and the characters hold up and I found both had greater subtlety than I remembered. Standout performances by Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Potts and Jerry Orbach as Lumiere.
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By wraithh8er
Written January 26, 2012
I'm betting most people have at least seen Beauty and the Beast if they don't own it themselves, that said, I highly recommend seeing it in 3D in the theater. Especially anyone born after it first came out. I was born in 92 and have owned the movie on VHS, and now the Platinum Edition DVD, but I can't recommend this enough, go see it in theaters while you still can
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A must go!

By DBritann
Written January 16, 2012
Beauty & the Beast is my favorite princess movie, so I wanted to see what 3D would be like. I believe that the 3D version is way better than the original version, and I'm not a big fan of 3D's either. Even my daughter likes the big screen better - 3D (she's 6).
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Same old classic but even better

By tishjenkins
Written January 15, 2012
Great to see this film I watched a zillion times when my now 20 year old was a toddler. Saw it now with my 10 year old and we all enjoyed it!
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