My childhood relived

By ceah418
Written January 13, 2012
Loved the 3d. This is deff still my favorite classic Disney film. Beauty and the beast has the best meaning behind it. Never judge a book by its cover. This made my day!
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A Better Beauty

By RiderDon
Written January 15, 2012
Same great movie with enhansed 3D picture. Disney has done a fantastic job in re-creating this Classic with its purest princess. Worth seeing again and a must-see for anyone who has not seen the movie.
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A classic, ruined.

By kinsella217
Written January 16, 2012
Clearly, this movie is a Disney classic, even if its not one of my favorites. My wife and I were eager to line up to see it, although we had misgivings about the 3D-ification and it turns out that our concerns were well founded. A movie we both enjoyed was turned into a headache inducing experience. The 3D effect does not recreate my visual experience with depth perception as I interact in the real world. and as such, it is a major distraction. This is the second and last movie that my wife and I will ever see in 3D. Sorry, Hollywood, that's the way it is. Hollywood, I invite you to compete for my entertainment dollar by bringing original stories with enjoyable plots, quality actors, and well-conceived direction and production to my local movie theaters for reasonable prices. I'll happily even pay to see re-releases of my favorite movies. Leave the gimmicky effects behind, though.
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True Disney Classic

By GilbertNSummer
Written January 16, 2012
Girls of all ages will love this movie!! My fiance took me to see this movie on opening day and I headed straight for the back of the theatre thinking I was going to be the only adult in there without a young child, boy was I wrong. Lots of adults, children of all ages, Grandparents, teens on dates and young girls all filled up the theatre quickly to see Beauty and the Beast. This movie is a great classic and sends a powerful message to all, not to judge what is on the outside...The crowd cheered when the movie began and cheered and clapped when it was over. This is a good "feel good" movie. What a fun time!
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A romantic classic!

By girasol9476
Written January 16, 2012
A tale as old as time indeed - this love story is as breathtaking as ever in crisp 3D. The kids get special 3D glasses with the movie's name and some artwork on them.
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