Beauty and the Beast 3D (2012) Synopsis
A French maiden tells the enchanted beast who has captured her father that she will take his place.

Movie Reviews

My childhood relived

By ceah418
Loved the 3d. This is deff still my favorite classic Disney film. Beauty and the beast has the best meaning behind it. Never judge a book by its cover. This made my day!...

A Better Beauty

By RiderDon
Same great movie with enhansed 3D picture. Disney has done a fantastic job in re-creating this Classic with its purest princess. Worth seeing again and a must-see for anyone who has not seen the...

A classic, ruined.

By kinsella217
Clearly, this movie is a Disney classic, even if its not one of my favorites. My wife and I were eager to line up to see it, although we had misgivings about the 3D-ification and it turns out that...

True Disney Classic

By GilbertNSummer
Girls of all ages will love this movie!! My fiance took me to see this movie on opening day and I headed straight for the back of the theatre thinking I was going to be the only adult in there...

A romantic classic!

By girasol9476
A tale as old as time indeed - this love story is as breathtaking as ever in crisp 3D. The kids get special 3D glasses with the movie's name and some artwork on them....

Same as before but with popouts.

By ar0910
My family and I love this story so we were going to go anyway. basically it was the same old style animation with some 3D popout. I really like the bats animation...

"A Tale as Old as Time" should stay 2D

By Jfutran
I walked into Beauty and the Beast 3D, excited beyond words at the prospect of this beloved story coming to life as the classically two-dimensional figures would futuristically pop right out of the...

Just as good as I remembered it

By lsheffi
My sister and I took our mother to see it (her favorite Disney movie and first 3D movie) and the story was just as magical as it was when we were little. I'll admit that in some scenes, the 3D seemed...


Although it had been years that I had seen it, it was quite memorable specially being there with my fiance and this being one of the first movie her mother ever gave her. Plus it makes you feel like...

Beauty & The Beast 3D

By mcrtnyfan
I saw this the first time it came out. It was and still is my daughter's favorite movie. She is definitely going back with me to see it. I loved it in 3D. If you love Disney and saw this the...

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Rated G | For Threat and Mild Violence
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