not a bad flick

By radtazman
Written April 28, 2017
Not a bad movie. Never read the book, so don't have that pressure to deal with. liked the movie, thought it was worth going to see. In fact, just might go see it again.
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Beautiful in all the right ways

By Marisol22
Written December 09, 2016
I have not read the books, but Beautiful Creatures was a good movie. I enjoyed the story, Ethan at first seems so dopey and dorky and then turns out to be a true Prince Charming. Lena, still deciding who she will be, eith light/dark, was a cautionary actress and I really enjoyed her performance! I cant wait to start reading the books, even if its not like the movie. I would love to see the saga on the big screen.
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Beyond Redemption

By lindslion
Written September 27, 2016
The screenwriter of Beautiful Creatures obviously didn't read the same source material as me. To say he took creative liberties is like saying Hurricane Katrina was only a minor disturbance in New Orleans' night life. There were scenes were I thought I had slept walked into a different movie. I left the theater certain that I had read the wrong book. Either that, or I was clearly intoxicated because I don't know what that was I just saw. Worst movie of 2013.
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Very solid movie, even for grownups

By hamerman55
Written February 25, 2017
I was very pleased with the main characters. They were believable and acted with courage and self-sacrifice (unlike Twilight). The special effects were well done and fitting. Emma Thompson chewed the scenery a little much for my taste, but having not finished the book yet, I'm not sure if this is the script or the character. I'm about halfway through the book, and from the South. My date and I are well out of what might be the target age of the movie, and we both thought it was a pretty good moving, and a good date movie. I cared about the main characters, and found that the movie had a lot of humor. It didn't take itself too seriously (it is a moving about witches) unlike Twilight. In fact, comparisons to that serious doesn't do justice to Beautiful Creatures. I liked this movie a lot, and see movies pretty much every weekend. I recommend it.
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By JJBreeze
Written May 22, 2017
So Disappointing! Worst adaption of a book ever, didn’t even stick to the plot in the book. So far off. They left out a crucial main character such as Marion Ashcroft and even went into book two a little with Ethan talking about Macon and his mother. They didn’t even touch on how the two main characters Ethan and Lena can communicate through thoughts. Where was the song? Amma lived with Ethan and his father. Where was Ethan’s father? He played a part in the ending of the book. Where were his great Aunts? Lena’s party? The ending was horrible Link never shot Ethan, and Ethan never forgot about Lena. Just found the movie rushed. The movie should have been two hours or more with more thought put into the script, in which all the characters were there to make the storyline memorable. Pro: The only good thing about this movie was the OUTSTANDING choice with the cast.
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