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A supernatural love story set in the South which tells the tale of two star-crossed lovers.
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Not if you've read the book...

By brittney22thomas
...and maybe not even if you haven't. I really enjoyed the book, and with all the discrepancies between the story line and appearance of characters and such, I just couldn't get on board with the...

Just Go.

By NS1231
This movie was really good. I read the book and it upset me that director and producer took so much creative license and made the movie so different from the book, but it's also what made me love it....

Love the book series...not the movie

By cdbarry43
Ever read an incredible book and then you find out they are turning it to a movie so you get excited because the characters in your mind are going to come alive on screen by some really talented...

If you read the book, you will be disappointed...

By mclaytonbarrier
I personally did not like the film, but I think this is because I read the book and had VERY high expectations. Maybe this is a great film for a date night, but if you read the book you will be...

Better than i expected

By talismanfarmlv
I didn't read the book but was actually pleasantly surprised as the movie has gotten mixed reviews- i enjoyed the story line and the movie has a decent cast of actors....

not a bad flick

By radtazman
Not a bad movie. Never read the book, so don't have that pressure to deal with. liked the movie, thought it was worth going to see. In fact, just might go see it again....

Beautiful in all the right ways

By Marisol22
I have not read the books, but Beautiful Creatures was a good movie. I enjoyed the story, Ethan at first seems so dopey and dorky and then turns out to be a true Prince Charming. Lena, still deciding...

Beyond Redemption

By lindslion
The screenwriter of Beautiful Creatures obviously didn't read the same source material as me. To say he took creative liberties is like saying Hurricane Katrina was only a minor disturbance in New...

Very solid movie, even for grownups

By hamerman55
I was very pleased with the main characters. They were believable and acted with courage and self-sacrifice (unlike Twilight). The special effects were well done and fitting. Emma Thompson chewed the...


By JJBreeze
So Disappointing! Worst adaption of a book ever, didn’t even stick to the plot in the book. So far off. They left out a crucial main character such as Marion Ashcroft and even went into book two a...

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Rated PG-13 | For violence, scary images and some sexual material
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Common Sense Media says Lush book adaptation mixes romance, fantasy, some violence.
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