Beaitiful Boy

By MovieStarDude99
Written April 21, 2011
I have seen it. It is really good YOU MUST SEE IT. Was in a film festival and saw it and should have one an other award.
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Beautifully Done

By RaveReview
Written June 05, 2011
The film invites us in to look at those burning questions - "Why does it happen and how would I feel if it happened in my family?" Like all of the best films, the writers give you the opportunity to explore the question - they offer up not answers, but simply the space and silence to feel the pain that Sam's whole family are living. The choice of actors was perfect - they are us - and the cinema verite approach to the camera work provides a truthful kaleidoscope of their family life - now broken into a million little painful shards of glass. We leave the theater without knowing why it happened or what we would do in the same situation but we also leave called to a better humanity towards the families who go through something that sadly does happen. It’s an adult movie and clearly deserving of the Toronto Film Festival win.
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Eautiful Boy

By Jbp1948
Written June 26, 2011
Good acting. An all. Ew perspective.
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By drewaleto
Written June 27, 2011
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Beautiful Boy

By uass
Written June 22, 2011
Quietly intense and beautifully done. It moved me and I loved it! I highly recommend.
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