Beatrice Varley
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1895

Worked With

Year Name Title
1961 Mervyn Johns Echo of Barbara
1961 Tom Bell Echo of Barbara
1960 Valentine Dyall Identity Unknown
1959 Michael Gough Horrors of the Black Museum
1959 Geoffrey Keen Horrors of the Black Museum
1959 Donald Wolfit Portrait of a Sinner
1959 John Welsh Portrait of a Sinner
1959 Adrienne Corri Portrait of a Sinner
1959 William Bendix Portrait of a Sinner
1959 John Welsh Room at the Top
1959 Donald Wolfit Room at the Top
1959 Laurence Harvey Room at the Top
1959 Basil Dignam Room at the Top
1959 Simone Signoret Room at the Top
1959 Wilfred Lawson Room at the Top
1959 Hermione Baddeley Room at the Top
1959 Ian Hendry Room at the Top
1959 Prunella Scales Room at the Top
1959 Donald Houston Room at the Top
1958 Hardy Kruger Bachelor of Hearts
1958 Eric Barker Bachelor of Hearts
1958 Barbara Steele Bachelor of Hearts
1958 Miles Malleson Bachelor of Hearts
1958 Sylvia Syms Bachelor of Hearts
1957 Janette Scott The Good Companions
1957 George Rose The Good Companions
1957 Marianne Stone The Good Companions
1957 Rachel Roberts The Good Companions
1957 Thora Hird The Good Companions
1957 John Salew The Good Companions
1957 Alec McCowen The Good Companions
1957 Brian Oulton The Good Companions
1957 Ralph Truman The Good Companions
1957 George Woodbridge The Good Companions
1957 Eric Portman The Good Companions
1957 Joyce Grenfell The Good Companions
1957 Anthony Newley The Good Companions
1957 John Le Mesurier The Good Companions
1957 Hugh Griffith The Good Companions
1957 Celia Johnson The Good Companions
1957 Sean Connery Hell Drivers
1957 John Miller Hell Drivers
1957 Stanley Baker Hell Drivers
1957 David McCallum Hell Drivers
1957 Herbert Lom Hell Drivers
1957 Peggy Cummins Hell Drivers
1957 John Horsley Hell Drivers
1957 Patrick McGoohan Hell Drivers
1957 Jill Ireland Hell Drivers
1957 Marianne Stone Hell Drivers
1957 Wilfred Lawson Hell Drivers
1957 Gordon Jackson Hell Drivers
1957 Gibb McLaughlin Sea Wife
1957 John Wood Sea Wife
1957 Richard Burton Sea Wife
1957 Basil Sydney Sea Wife
1957 Roddy Hughes Sea Wife
1957 Jean Cadell The Surgeon's Knife
1957 Adrienne Corri The Surgeon's Knife
1957 Mervyn Johns The Surgeon's Knife
1957 John Welsh The Surgeon's Knife
1957 Donald Houston The Surgeon's Knife
1956 Adrienne Corri The Gentle Touch
1956 Diana Wynyard The Gentle Touch
1956 Charles Hawtrey Jumping for Joy
1956 Stanley Holloway Jumping for Joy
1956 Reginald Beckwith Jumping for Joy
1956 Bill Fraser Jumping for Joy
1956 Richard Wattis Jumping for Joy
1956 Frankie Howerd Jumping for Joy
1956 Lionel Jeffries Jumping for Joy
1956 Laurence Naismith Tiger in the Smoke
1956 Bernard Miles Tiger in the Smoke
1956 Sam Kydd Tiger in the Smoke
1956 Kenneth Griffith Tiger in the Smoke
1954 Michael Medwin Bang! You're Dead
1954 Philip Saville Bang! You're Dead
1954 Derek Farr Bang! You're Dead
1954 Gordon Harker Bang! You're Dead
1954 Lionel Jeffries The Black Rider
1953 Gordon Jackson Death Goes to School
1953 Sam Kydd Death Goes to School
1953 Theodore Bikel Melba
1953 John Justin Melba
1953 Robert Morley Melba
1953 John McCallum Melba
1953 Martita Hunt Melba
1953 Sybil Thorndike Melba
1952 Bill Travers Holiday Week
1952 Michael Medwin Holiday Week
1951 John Bentley Paul Temple's Triumph
1951 Ben Williams Paul Temple's Triumph
1951 Bruce Seton Paul Temple's Triumph
1950 Derrick de Marney She Shall Have Murder
1950 Rosamund John She Shall Have Murder
1950 Felix Aylmer She Shall Have Murder
1950 John Bentley She Shall Have Murder
1950 Sybil Thorndike The Wild Heart
1950 Jennifer Jones The Wild Heart
1950 Esmond Knight The Wild Heart
1950 Joseph Cotten The Wild Heart
1950 George Cole The Wild Heart
1950 David Farrar The Wild Heart
1950 Cyril Cusack The Wild Heart
1950 Hugh Griffith The Wild Heart
1949 Stewart Granger Adam and Evelyne
1949 Wilfrid Hyde-White Adam and Evelyne
1949 Helen Cherry Adam and Evelyne
1949 Jean Simmons Adam and Evelyne
1949 Guy Middleton Marry Me
1949 Denis O'Dea Marry Me
1949 Jean Cadell Marry Me
1949 David Tomlinson Marry Me
1949 Marianne Stone Marry Me
1949 Thora Hird My Brother Jonathan
1949 Wilfrid Hyde-White My Brother Jonathan
1949 George Woodbridge My Brother Jonathan
1949 Finlay Currie My Brother Jonathan
1949 James Hayter My Brother Jonathan
1949 Andrea Malandrinos My Brother Jonathan
1949 Johnnie Schofield My Brother Jonathan
1949 James Robertson Justice My Brother Jonathan
1949 John Salew My Brother Jonathan
1949 Reginald Beckwith My Brother's Keeper
1949 George Cole My Brother's Keeper
1949 David Tomlinson My Brother's Keeper
1949 Maurice Denham My Brother's Keeper
1949 Christopher Lee My Brother's Keeper
1949 Ben Williams My Brother's Keeper
1949 Wilfrid Hyde-White My Brother's Keeper
1949 Valentine Dyall My Brother's Keeper
1949 Jane Hylton My Brother's Keeper
1948 Jean Kent Good Time Girl
1948 Jane Hylton Good Time Girl
1948 Michael Hordern Good Time Girl
1948 Edward Lexy Good Time Girl
1948 Herbert Lom Good Time Girl
1948 Dennis Price Good Time Girl
1948 Flora Robson Good Time Girl
1948 Bonar Colleano Good Time Girl
1948 Diana Dors Good Time Girl
1948 Peter Glenville Good Time Girl
1948 Linden Travers Jassy
1948 Eliot Makeham Jassy
1948 Ernst Thesiger Jassy
1948 Torin Thatcher Jassy
1948 Dermot Walsh Jassy
1948 Margaret Lockwood Jassy
1948 Basil Sydney Jassy
1948 Maurice Denham Jassy
1948 Patricia Roc Jassy
1948 John Laurie Jassy
1948 Dennis Price Jassy
1948 Jean Cadell Jassy
1948 Cathleen Nesbitt Jassy
1948 Hermione Baddeley No Room at the Inn
1948 O.B. Clarence No Room at the Inn
1948 James Hayter No Room at the Inn
1948 Eliot Makeham No Room at the Inn
1948 Niall MacGinnis No Room at the Inn
1948 Freda Jackson No Room at the Inn
1948 Harry Locke No Room at the Inn
1947 Hazel Court Holiday Camp
1947 Maurice Denham Holiday Camp
1947 Dennis Price Holiday Camp
1947 Flora Robson Holiday Camp
1947 Patricia Roc Holiday Camp
1947 Kathleen Harrison Holiday Camp
1947 Jane Hylton Holiday Camp
1947 Esmond Knight Holiday Camp
1947 Diana Dors Holiday Camp
1947 Anthony Newley The Little Ballerina
1947 Eliot Makeham The Little Ballerina
1947 Martita Hunt The Little Ballerina
1947 David Tomlinson The Master of Bankdam
1947 Linden Travers The Master of Bankdam
1947 Tom Walls The Master of Bankdam
1947 Dennis Price The Master of Bankdam
1947 John Mills So Well Remembered
1947 Trevor Howard So Well Remembered
1947 Roddy Hughes So Well Remembered
1947 Richard Carlson So Well Remembered
1947 Patricia Roc So Well Remembered
1947 Frederick Leister So Well Remembered
1947 Juliet Mills So Well Remembered
1947 Martha Scott So Well Remembered
1947 James Mason The Upturned Glass
1947 Rosamund John The Upturned Glass
1947 Maurice Denham The Upturned Glass
1947 Jane Hylton The Upturned Glass
1946 Kynaston Reeves Bedelia
1946 Margaret Lockwood Bedelia
1946 John Salew Bedelia
1946 Ian Hunter Bedelia
1946 O.B. Clarence Great Day
1946 Kathleen Harrison Great Day
1946 Eric Portman Great Day
1946 John Laurie Great Day
1946 Flora Robson Great Day
1945 Moore Marriott The Agitator
1945 Moira Lister The Agitator
1945 Cathleen Nesbitt The Agitator
1945 Frederick Leister The Agitator
1945 John Laurie The Agitator
1945 Carroll O'Connor Johnny Frenchman
1945 Tom Walls Johnny Frenchman
1945 Patricia Roc Johnny Frenchman
1945 Pierre Richard Johnny Frenchman
1945 Françoise Rosay Johnny Frenchman
1945 James Mason The Seventh Veil
1945 Muir Mathieson The Seventh Veil
1945 Herbert Lom The Seventh Veil
1945 Jean Kent Waterloo Road
1945 Stewart Granger Waterloo Road
1945 John Mills Waterloo Road
1945 Ben Williams Waterloo Road
1945 Johnnie Schofield Waterloo Road
1945 Alastair Sim Waterloo Road
1945 Felix Aylmer The Wicked Lady
1945 Michael Rennie The Wicked Lady
1945 James Mason The Wicked Lady
1945 Margaret Lockwood The Wicked Lady
1945 Martita Hunt The Wicked Lady
1945 Jean Kent The Wicked Lady
1945 Patricia Roc The Wicked Lady
1944 Jean Kent Bees in Paradise
1944 Ronald Shiner Bees in Paradise
1944 Margaret Lockwood Love Story
1944 Patricia Roc Love Story
1944 Moira Lister Love Story
1944 Lawrence Hanray Love Story
1944 Stewart Granger Love Story
1944 Tom Walls Love Story
1944 Johnnie Schofield Welcome, Mr. Washington
1944 Martita Hunt Welcome, Mr. Washington
1944 Peggy Cummins Welcome, Mr. Washington
1943 Finlay Currie The Bells Go Down
1943 James Mason The Bells Go Down
1943 Johnnie Schofield The Bells Go Down
1943 Mervyn Johns The Bells Go Down
1943 Percy Marmont I'll Walk Beside You
1943 Margaret Lockwood The Man in Grey
1943 Martita Hunt The Man in Grey
1943 Phyllis Calvert The Man in Grey
1943 James Mason The Man in Grey
1943 Stewart Granger The Man in Grey
1943 Gordon Jackson Millions Like Us
1943 Eric Portman Millions Like Us
1943 Johnnie Schofield Millions Like Us
1943 Megs Jenkins Millions Like Us
1943 John Salew Millions Like Us
1943 Patricia Roc Millions Like Us
1943 Sidney Gilliat Millions Like Us
1943 Moore Marriott Millions Like Us
1943 Naunton Wayne Millions Like Us
1943 Basil Radford Millions Like Us
1943 John Salew Squadron Leader X
1943 Ann Dvorak Squadron Leader X
1943 Carl Jaffe Squadron Leader X
1943 Eric Portman Squadron Leader X
1943 Barry Jones Squadron Leader X
1943 John Mills We Dive at Dawn
1943 Johnnie Schofield We Dive at Dawn
1943 Niall MacGinnis We Dive at Dawn
1943 Eric Portman We Dive at Dawn
1943 John Salew We Dive at Dawn
1942 Herbert Lom Secret Mission
1942 Stewart Granger Secret Mission
1942 James Mason Secret Mission
1942 John Salew Secret Mission
1942 Percy Walsh Secret Mission
1942 Roland Culver Secret Mission
1942 Ian Fleming Talk About Jacqueline
1942 Roland Culver Talk About Jacqueline
1942 Roland Pertwee Talk About Jacqueline
1942 Percy Walsh Talk About Jacqueline
1942 Anthony Holles Talk About Jacqueline
1942 Martita Hunt Talk About Jacqueline
1942 Max Adrian Talk About Jacqueline
1942 Guy Middleton Talk About Jacqueline
1941 Deborah Kerr Hatter's Castle
1941 Roddy Hughes Hatter's Castle
1941 Lawrence Hanray Hatter's Castle
1941 Emlyn Williams Hatter's Castle
1941 Ian Fleming Hatter's Castle
1941 Robert Newton Hatter's Castle
1941 James Mason Hatter's Castle
1941 Felix Aylmer Kipps
1941 Max Adrian Kipps
1941 Phyllis Calvert Kipps
1941 Phyllis Coates Kipps
1941 Hermione Baddeley Kipps
1941 Michael Redgrave Kipps
1941 Diana Wynyard Kipps
1941 Kathleen Harrison Kipps
1941 Ronald Shiner South American George
1941 Linden Travers South American George
1941 Felix Aylmer South American George
1941 Gus McNaughton South American George
1939 Robert Newton Poison Pen
1939 Wally Patch Poison Pen
1939 Roddy McDowall Poison Pen
1939 Flora Robson Poison Pen
1939 Megs Jenkins Poison Pen
1939 Roddy Hughes Poison Pen
1939 Wilfrid Hyde-White Poison Pen
1937 Bill Shine Young and Innocent
1937 Geraldine Fitzgerald Young and Innocent
1937 Derrick de Marney Young and Innocent
1937 Torin Thatcher Young and Innocent
1937 John Miller Young and Innocent
1937 Basil Radford Young and Innocent
1937 Percy Marmont Young and Innocent
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