Unique and ambitious, but kind of grim

By NYPerson1
Written August 21, 2014
This movie is being described as being life-affirming. I think that it's more of a study of gut-wrenching , intractable poverty--and a resilient child. The little girl should, and will, be nominated for many acting awards. I didn't exactly enjoy the movie--mostly, it isn't much fun--but, I was impressed by it.
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Written September 21, 2014
My first time at this theatre and I really enjoyed it. The actors in the movie was superb, I was very impressed, because they were all new.This movie will enhance your life!
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Profound, Disturbing, Enjoyable...

By JeffyGlenn
Written August 30, 2014
This movie took me away to a place foreign to me that was real and surreal all rolled into one. The reality of the lives portrayed here is hard to watch, but the humanity of them is uplifting. I want my friends who do volunteer work down there to see this.
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Beasts of the Southern Wild

By kentridge
Written September 16, 2014
I felt this movie was like a magical short story - it drifted along amidst laughter, tears, storms and dreams changing our perceptions of reality and forcing us to dismantle any judgements we may have had about people and how they choose to live - on the grid - off the grid - in a dream or in the real world. Go see the film!
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What were they thinking?

By Chuck1107
Written July 28, 2012
Rated as a "must see" by some movie critics, my wife and I felt this was a waste of time and money. No broad appeal, no message that you could carry home - a colonoscopy would have been more fun.
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