This one left me behind

By djpasullivan
Written September 30, 2014
A 6 year old tries to fend for herself in a community of alcoholics living in remote coastal Louisiana. Interesting photography, stark, disturbing scenery, a wonderful child actor, but the story left me way behind. Not entertaining. Maybe informative, maybe wrenching, maybe "good for you," but not entertaining.
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Beasts beautiful

By everyweek60706
Written July 30, 2014
This is one of those movies you want to see a second time because the first time you're on the edge of your seat wondering where this is all going. It's not unlike Winter's Bone in it's depiction of poverty and the isolation it brings. Social workers, anthropologists, and medical practioners should see this film. It's rated PG-13, but I don't think you'd want to take your kids unless you're trying to scare them. The squirels scene in Winter's Bone was tame in comparison. The music and score will stick with you too.
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really weird indy film-don't bother

By don.papendorrf
Written March 28, 2015
We went to this movie because of the great reviews. Little girl is cute, but truth is the story line and the setting are very depressing and squalid. Definitely would not recommend this disturbing movie about uneducated, drunk, pitiful people being portrayed like they are conveying deep truths. Wish we had gone to see something else!
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Truly enjoyed it

By dugfree
Written July 28, 2012
I really enjoyed this movie. I 'm not sure how I'd describe it. Moving, funny, parts were disturbing. But it did leave me with a good feeling in the end.
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Can be depressing

By JimJabu
Written July 10, 2012
A small girl tries to make sense of her world, a poverty stricken island off the coast of Louisiana, when she must deal with disaster, sickness, ignorance, squalor and despair. The performances are terrific and the photography is marvelous, but the story itself can be depressing.
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