Beasts of the Southern Wild

By madmeigan
Written September 01, 2016
This is a brilliant film. I would like to meet the minds that conceived of and so beautifully and convincingly crafted the character of this little girl, and the world in which she lives. The screenwriter and director reveal an intelligence and sensitivity that are seldom seen in American cinema (or seen without extensive searching). It does indeed have some heart-wrenching moments, and I left the theatre red-eyed. BUT...I am a mom-of-two who put off seeing this movie exactly because I dreaded the wrenching...and I'm GLAD I finally went. There is also laughter and fascination enough to balance the pain. Do yourself a favor and go see this film!
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Beasts of the Southern Wild

By RomanReloaded
Written July 22, 2012
Really liked this fresh, unique film. Watching the amazing child actress alone is worth the price of admission. Rough characters, rough landscape, rough (unpolished) cinematography all work to provide a surrealistic experience. References to post-Katrina delta and melting ice caps give us scary reminders, but the art of the filmmaking stops short of hitting us over the head with preaching about ecology.
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One of the dullest most boring movie experiences EVER

By Moviefanatic35
Written November 28, 2014
Just horrendous and a sooooo boring, where people do irritating things -- refuse medical care, refuse a better living situation. I kept hearing how great this movie was and I was completely taken aback at how NOT oscar worthy this movie is. A couple people in my theater even walked out.
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Beasts of the Southern Wild

By Phyllis Freeman
Written July 29, 2016
First, the trailer is deceptive. The trailer makes it look like it is a "feel good, inspirational" movie for kids. Wrong. It is a gritty reality movie about people who are very poor alcoholics living in squalor in the swamps of Louisiana pre and post Katrina. Second, why is it that movies have million dollar budgets but can't afford a tripod? I would have loved to actually have been able to watch the movie, which did have amazing visual footage, but I spent most of my time with my eyes closed, battling being queasy. The film was done with 80% closeup shots that imitated what one would see if they were watching footage of a kid's birthday party if it was shot with a hand held camera by a drunken relative going through detox. What possible reason did the director have for making the film unwatchable. I even moved to the very back row of the theater to minimize the bouncy camera action. Even my teenage children complained that it was difficult to watch.
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By criticnumber1
Written July 15, 2012
This is the worst movie I've seen in quite some time. It's depressing and disjointed from start to finish. The symbolisms are obsurd. From my perspective, there were no redeeming moments in this dismal slice of life.
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