By criticnumber1
Written July 15, 2012
This is the worst movie I've seen in quite some time. It's depressing and disjointed from start to finish. The symbolisms are obsurd. From my perspective, there were no redeeming moments in this dismal slice of life.
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It's a really inspiring and cute movie!

By stevenj331
Written July 07, 2012
I will admit that parts of it left me a little confused, but only for a moment until the captivating your girl drew me back in with her charm! Simply a must see!!
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Great art film

By veedwards
Written August 21, 2014
Loved it! It will stick with me for a long time to come. Visually arresting, Plausible, yet inventive story and amazing acting by the adorable 5 year old lead, Quvenzhané Wallis (now 7 y.o. I believe). Although she's very young, I could very well see her ending up with a best actress Oscar nom.
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Superb Movie

By ktratiak
Written September 11, 2012
This movie will make you laugh and cry. It is so moving! Superbly acted! It will grab your interest from the beginning and hold you in it's grasp throughout! I highly reccomend it.
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Beast of the Southern Wild

By wczt2003
Written July 28, 2014
The movie was very captivating with a good deal realism, old Bayou before and after the hurricane. Hushpuupy was taught to not depend on anyone. This is a must see!
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