By jacihull
Written May 31, 2016
This movie takes you into a world where many of us have never dared to venture, (but could find ourselves one day!). In spite of all of the apparent suffering, poverty and addiction symptoms of the disenfranchised, we find people who have connection and community with the earth, the sea and each other This is also the story of a father's drive to use his last remaining breaths,which is all that he has, to empower his daughter to survive, thrive, and assume her connection with all living things; which is more, I'm sure, than most young middle and upper class girls (and boys) will ever get from either of their parents.
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really weird indy film-don't bother

By don.papendorrf
Written February 12, 2016
We went to this movie because of the great reviews. Little girl is cute, but truth is the story line and the setting are very depressing and squalid. Definitely would not recommend this disturbing movie about uneducated, drunk, pitiful people being portrayed like they are conveying deep truths. Wish we had gone to see something else!
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Nothing special

By WannaTicket
Written August 19, 2016
The young actress was endearing but not exceptional and since she was the main attraction for most viewers, I wouldn't go overboard w/ any great praise for the movie. Her lines were actually minimal. I found the story grim.
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Almost mesmerizing

By DCLaxfan
Written August 02, 2015
Given all the Oscar buzz, I finally dragged myself to see this movie, and I'm glad I did. The movie is set in a fictional shanty town in an island off New Orleans, and follows the relationship between an ailing single dad and his young daughter. The dad practices self-reliance and tries to instill that through tough-love parenting to his daughter amid a catastrophic flood caused by melting of global ice caps. It is a dreamy movie where the plot flow doesn't matter as much as the characters and the cinematography. The movie would be mesmerizing if it had developed more the role of the fictional beasts called Aurochs that were released from melting ice, but they really don't play a role until the very end of the movie. This is a movie for adults and thinking teens, and not for teens that want action rather than acting. Even though I am leery of movies that are "must go" from critics, I was pleasantly surprised by how a movie with a thin plot can nevertheless be very powerful.
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Beasts of the Southern Wilds

By tek999
Written April 21, 2015
Highly original film. Exquisite sense of place. The actors were terrific. I really enjoyed the music in it as well. If I had any negative criticism, there is an atttempt for the cinematographer to reduce the point of view to that of the child, the result being that some scenes have a very claustrophobic quality to them. I would recommend this film enthusiastically.
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