Disneynature Bears

By heathersender
Written August 31, 2015
Was super cute. The scenery is beautiful. Can't wait to see next years nature movie.
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not so much

By courtneynico
Written May 10, 2014
this was not as captivating as I thought it would be, but way better than their Lion movie Disney came out with....anticipating 2015 Earth day....monkey kingdom :-)
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Great family movie!

By openwindow
Written May 12, 2014
Nice to take my child (8 year old) and my (76 year old mother) to a theater today, and come away feeling like we just saw a delightful little movie! Bears is a perfect theater experience for all ages (might be a tiny bit scary for tots under 4-5 … but only due to the nature of wild animals and their sometimes fierce interactions). Amazingly patient cinematographers captured this fantastic account of the bears first year together. And who better than John C. Reilly to narrate the story … he really brings their "thoughts" to life, so we humans can relate to the trials and triumphs they experienced. Definitely a "go see" family movie … it was endearing, informative and entertaining.
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Love the bears!

By renbar1
Written May 04, 2014
Cute movie with the little one. My little one laughed the whole movie.
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Bears amazing

By 100002608734990
Written May 05, 2014
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