Bears Synopsis
An epic story of breathtaking scale set against a majestic Alaskan backdrop teeming with life, the film follows a mama bear as she imparts life lessons to her two cubs.
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Disneynature Bears

By heathersender
Was super cute. The scenery is beautiful. Can't wait to see next years nature movie....

Good Bears

By lindsey8592
The cinematography was beautiful, the cubs were adorable, and the story was interesting. My husband, friend and I all enjoyed this movie, even though it is geared toward children (which we didn't...

Good times...

By pn343
We had a wonderful time with this film. It was the perfect length, was enjoyable to watch, and John C. Reilly added plenty of comedic relief throughout the film. The cinematography was...

By qtpie831
my 5 year old loved it but I wanted to go to sleep...

Family entertainment

By london78
Great movie to enjoy with family....


By thedoctor777
This is a wonderful family film. Every DisneyNature film I have seen has been extraordinary. The cinematography is spectacular and the director did a great job of following the bears life. The...


By dtrieper
Beautiful, breath taking scenery of the Alaskan mountains. My 8 year old Grandson loved the film. I thought it was a beautiful Docudrama. Don't know if my 5 year old would of lasted the whole film....

Amazing film

By ooppy22
the film was amazing. you see sky and her cubs take on their first year and she will do anything to protect her cubs!!! Also listen to carry on by Olivia Holt that was made by for this movie. the...

By b2d21339
Laughf and cry whilst enjoying the beauty of the earth in panorama before you. The camera work is truly art....

By dsshull
Narrator wasn't the best...

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Rated G
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Some tense moments in Disney's nature documentary.
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