By _richard
Written February 02, 2016
Battleship was AMAZING! I loved the acting, I loved the cinematography, and I loved that the film kept me on edge! If you like action, then this film is for you. If you like comedy, then this film is for you. If you like drama, then this film is for you. This film is an all around great film to experience! Also, Rihanna did an excellent job in her first role! Seeing Battleship at midnight on premiere day was awesome! I'm definitely going to go see it again :)
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Plesantly suprised!

By Biggie21
Written February 02, 2016
I wont lie I went not expecting to much. Just a cheeseball of explosions and not much else. And in a way that is a lot of what it is. But you know what? I actually really enjoyed it! You can't go expecting a massive plot because there isn't one. Its a simple summer movie full of eye candy. But all the actors did just fine for their purpose and its always cool to see Peter Burg use members from his Friday Night Lights cast. But anyways about the movie. The movie itself I actually found to be VERY creative and just a lot of fun. You'll notice a lot of things that point to the board game and just laugh, not cause its stupid, cause its clever. And there is a cherry on top for the finale that I wont spoil. But for me the end was SUPER corny, but I loved it! Corny isn't always a bad thing and in this case it isn't. I just found myself smiling in a good way. All this movie is, is a good time at the movies. Do yourself a favor after you've got your Avengers fix and see this.
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Amazing on a Huge Screen

By alohadonna
Written May 20, 2012
We decided to see this on the largest screen in Hawaii. Good call. While it isn't a sophisticated script, the story is corny and predictable, nevertheless the effects possible are so "fantabulous" it is a lot of fun. We loved the ending & of course, living here in Hawaii it was pretty rad to see the Hawaii scenery etc. as the epicenter of the aliens invasion.
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Must GO

By shase
Written May 19, 2012
Batttleship was better than expected, was funny at the begining. The action and the special effects were grate, expect to see a sequel. MUST SEE IN ETX FORMAT
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By JayBnLA
Written May 19, 2012
This movie is good if you want mindless fun. Start to think about it too much, and it's just plain ridiculous. But it's a good action flick that the kids can see. So catch a matinee, take the whole family, and turn off your brain when the lights start to dim.
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