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Great Dancing

By Rhonda12
Written May 27, 2016
This was an excellent movie. The actors and actresses were outstanding in their roles. I always like to see good dance moves. This movie reminded me of Step Up. Do not go and see this movie when there is a bunch of children in the theater. You will not here the movie. You may also see something in the theater that you do not want to see... Cudos to the writers and directors for a great movie.
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Battle of the Year

By barnabasdaughter1vs
Written February 12, 2016
This movie had good characters, fantastic dancing, and a decent story which didn't have to have graphic violence or sexual scenes to give the viewer a good sense of the action. Josh Holloway was particularly adept at portraying Blake's descent into misery and out again.
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Battle of the Year

By Trailer Trash
Written September 03, 2015
"Battle of the Year" This past Friday I rocked my Addidas jogging suit and my students said, 'I was trying to be young.' I had to let them know, my generation made this stylish! Battle of the Year takes me back to high school when my friend beatboxed while guys and girls spat lyrics over them. It was an amazing time. It is beautiful how hip-hop and b-bop has broken racial a...nd cultural barriers. My generation SHOUTED creative expression, uniqueness, attitude (the good kind) and freedom to express yourself. We were bold, confident, silly, awkard and it was all COOL. I wish the filmmaker would have made a documentary because the b-boy/girl lifestyle is interesting, artistic and stunning. They are powerful performers who deserve a platform like cinema. I loved this movie because it is FUNKY FRESH TO DEATH, YO! It is my culture. My generation. And it shows that we PASSED THE TORCH. Yeah, that's something else my generation does--- We "puff puff PASS!" ******! Take note Baby Boomers!!!!!!
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Sports movie or dance flick?

By fawlty2000
Written September 22, 2013
If this movie could have made up its mind, it would have been that much better. The dance moves were sick, the team aspect was awesome, Josh Holloway was a great casting choice. However, it felt like Remember the Titans or Cool Runnings. Dance or preach...
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No Way

By Codyblue
Written September 21, 2013
Even if you paid me I would never see anything with Chris Brown in it,
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