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Battle of the Year Synopsis
Members of an American dance crew see their skills put to the test in an international contest.
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By rogdodger1
what scares me more than the question as to why they make junk like this is this: DO THEY KEEP MAKING LOW-LIFE, BRAINLESS JUNK LIKE THIS BECAUSE * PEOPLE CONTINUALLY GO AND SEE...

Fast Paced

By foreverchd
This movie is good for dancers who are really into it. However for me I found it to be fast paced because I did not get the dancing portion. I kept feeling like I missed the best part by blinking....


By lizzybeth572
Good movie...


By beautymark
I had my 19 year old niece from Chicago visiting me for the weekend. We did the typical NYC things prior visit. When she mentioned she was interested in seeing this movie, I cringed. I know the...

It is a must see in the season of Scary Movies!

By jenrent
I was not in the mood for scary, cartoon or true stories so I chose this movie and was impressed, entertained, delighted in the morale of the film. I brought my 7 y/o son and 16 y/old daughter and we...

Battle of the Year

By barnabasdaughter1vs
This movie had good characters, fantastic dancing, and a decent story which didn't have to have graphic violence or sexual scenes to give the viewer a good sense of the action. Josh Holloway was...

Great Dancing

By Rhonda12
This was an excellent movie. The actors and actresses were outstanding in their roles. I always like to see good dance moves. This movie reminded me of Step Up. Do not go and see this movie when...

Battle of the Year

By Trailer Trash
"Battle of the Year" This past Friday I rocked my Addidas jogging suit and my students said, 'I was trying to be young.' I had to let them know, my generation made this stylish! Battle of the Year...

Sports movie or dance flick?

By fawlty2000
If this movie could have made up its mind, it would have been that much better. The dance moves were sick, the team aspect was awesome, Josh Holloway was a great casting choice. However, it felt like...

Battle of the year

By markbaisier
It should've been rated R because of the language but it was good!...

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Rated PG-13 | For Some Rude Behavior and Language
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Common Sense Media says Passable drama has great dancers but no originality.
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