Battle of the Year

Written September 23, 2013
We were very disappointed. The story was pathetic and the wost was the cinematography. The camera never stayed on the dancers or the routines long enough to enjoy. However, I wouldn't call them routines anyway. Acting was non existant. So sorry but OH NO!
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Break it

By turtlepillows
Written September 29, 2013
exceptional movie. slow in some parts, but amazing moves. The casting however could have chosen someone better than Chris Brown.
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love movie

By paigespicer1
Written September 21, 2013
This movie is the best I love it. I love the 3D
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Chris beezy Chris beezy <3

By itsalexandra17
Written May 26, 2016
I honestly loved it! Chris brown really showed his acting and dancing skills. I loved all the dancing
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Awesome ??

By jackiedeleon03
Written November 16, 2013
I think this movie is awesome!! ?? it was funny and a good movie, this is a GOOD movie! Don't listen to the BAD reviews, I promise you'll enjoy!!! ??
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