Peace-mongering at it's best. (if you can say that)

By Erudius
Written April 28, 2009
After pre-screening this movie, I would have to say it was a bitter dissapointment. The story is not about saving earth so if you're thinking the earth is being saved from an alien invasion, don't waste your money. This movie portrays humanity as a group of insatiable warmongering elitist beings who care nothing for the lives of other beings whatever the cost... but as in all plots of this type, humanity eventually learns from its mistake. Apparently it's not enough for Hollywood to preach its anti-war sentiments to adults, but now their goal is to indoctrinate our children as well. While war may sometimes be necessary, it is not always the answer. Children should understand that unjustified war is wrong, but another fantastical society of alien could have been developed to portray this message instead of using the human race to pull the trigger on an unsuspecting, peace-loving race. My children won't be seeing this any time soon. I for one hope this film fails at the box office.
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Battle For Terra

By movie Fannatic
Written April 26, 2009
I saw a special preview screening yesterday and it was pretty good overall. It was actually pretty intense for an animated movie. Perfect for 8 yr. old boys. Go see it. Overall grade B-
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A better animated film.

By ~Robert~
Written May 09, 2009
This is one of the best animated films I have seen in a while. It is a refreshingly mature film that ignores the tired old formulas of mainstream animation. If you want the usual goofy characters and zany comedy, look elsewhere. If you want a well made and thought-provoking animated film that won't insult your intelligence, see this immediately.
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battle for terra

By universeeye
Written March 26, 2009
more copy cat crap butt you might like it if your an idiot
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Battle for Terra

By tlfuller2nd
Written May 21, 2009
A simple, but novel story that presents a peaceful alien race that is threatened to extinction by an invading army of human beings. The engaging aspect of this movie brilliantly portrays war in one of its true forms: the tragic struggle between two powers for a critical element of their existence with neither being the clear "right" or "wrong" side. Even though the "happy ending" of this movie is expected from the very first scene, it still comes as a long-desired surprise. This movie was very well-done. It is not really much of a "kid's movie;" consequently, the golden elements presented in this film will probably be completely missed by children and the battle scenes at the end will not really be the exciting "Monsters Vs. Aliens" climax.
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