Possibly the worst movie I ever saw.

By ssarkar1020
Written June 30, 2011
Just to clarify, I never saw this in the theater. One of my good friends is a comedian, and will occasionally rent a bad movie to spoof it live for our benefit. (And to keep himself sharp.) It's generally a hilarious experience. He was utterly blown away by how bad this movie was. He apologized to us for making us sit through this. I paid absolutely nothing to see this movie, but to this day, I have yet to recall two hours that I have felt I wasted so totally. DO NOT see this movie - it's not even worth the morbid curiosity you might have.
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One of the Worst Movies Ever

By dramamamaz
Written April 10, 2009
Saw it years ago when it was first released. Walked out and got free tickets to another flick because the staff felt and saw our pain! Dark, long, boring and preachy!
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worst scifi film I have ever seen

By carnosaurfan101
Written July 28, 2010
this movie was terrible, this movie is filled with plot holes, bad writing, bad direction, horrible effects, cardboard characters, john travolta overacts through the entire movie, and the movie has nothing to do with scientology even though the book and its creator L Ron Hubard created scientology, plot holes include that an explosion on psychlo can destroy the entire planet and the psychlos are completely gun-happy, the psychlos get defeated by a group of humans from the caves and the psychlos defeated the entire world and took it over and not just earth but hundreds of other planets, john travolta teaches the humans or the " stupid mananimals" to fly their ship and teach them about the psychlos after barry pepper and the humans almost KILLED HIM, and that the humans are smart and intelligent still after a THOUSAND YEARS ( reminds me of the planet of the apes remake which also sucked ), so basically, battlefield earth is the worst scifi film ever made in my opinion.
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By weirdalsimpsons
Written June 03, 2013
I'm a lover of movies but I couldn't finish this junk cause it was horrible. It would have been oh no but it was a nice look
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A film to forget.

By roberson2013
Written February 16, 2014
The movie that destroyed the career of John Travolta.
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