By ryanmcgregor
Written March 16, 2011
Best war movie in a long time! you need to go see this action/war movie ASAP. Do not wait until it comes out on DVD to see it, its a must see in the theaters! If you liked movies like, Greenzone, or District 9 and Black Hawk Down maybe the Hurt Locker and Independence day, Battle La has all of those movies in it alone! If they don't make a part 2 of the move ill blow a nut... GO SEE THIS MOVIE :) Good acting, good action, it has some good drama in it, and even some sad moments. It has awesome picture and CG (computer generation). I'm 15 and I loved it! My dad loved it! Even my 12 year old sister liked it! This movie is surprisingly awesome for kids, ESPECIALLY TEENS and even Adults! OK ill shut up... But just do yourself a favor and go see the movie. Peace
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Pleasantly Surprised

By RonaldNobles
Written March 10, 2011
Really appreciated Aaron Eckhart's acting. The movie was intense and entertaining the entire time. If you havent seen you can watch at [BLOCKED WEBSITE] .cóm
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Written March 14, 2011
This is the best movie I have seen in awhile. The acting to me was good because you could feel the emotion from the characters. People giving this a negative review need to watch it again. If you know nothing of teamwork or serving or watching your closest friends get hurt or killed then you won't understand the emotion I am talking about. Very good movie.
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By mccallos
Written March 11, 2011
i saw an early showing of this thursday. the movie was filled with every cliche you can think of, from the older soldier retiring that day to the untried rookie. dont forget the guy planning his wedding and the other dude that has to leave his pregnant wife at home. ugh. the action is uneven and there is really very little suspense. the film doesnt work as an effects extravaganza like Transformers 2 (lame) or as a more cerebral movie like District 9 (solid), so it really fails to satisfy any audience. it doesnt even have the flag waving of Independence Day and the military comes across as clumsy and unskilled in the film, so it doesnt even work as a war movie. the dialogue was corny and (SPOILER ALERT) of course the aliens had the obligatory "one ship that controls everything." mostly lame so skip it or rent it if you have to...
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Frag out!!! This is a must see!!

By Biggie21
Written March 14, 2011
Saw the midnight showing and was blown away. This movie is on such a huge scale and I personally was expecting a lot but this went beyond what I was expecting. There are no force fields and when you shoot the aliens they die(even though it is hard to kill them) you see this movie through Marines eyes and you never get a sense they were doing anything that real Marines wouldn't do in that situation.The acting is great other than Michelle Rodriguez but we should all be used to that by now. There is also a good amount of human drama, and you see a lot of what real soldiers have to deal with like leaving their wife and kid or losing a loved one. This movie is stunning and will have you gasping for breath then deliver a great and pulse pounding ending!! People who say this movie is cliche are just looking for a reason to not like it. Go see this movie then go see it again because I promise you will want to!! Retreat hell!!
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