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A Crazy But Beautiful Piece of Art

By joshuabrandstetter
Written February 17, 2017
This movie was pretty crazy. Some people say that that is a bad thing, but I think that it was done in a way that made it thoroughly enjoyable. The first half had me in suspense, but there really seemed to be a lot more story than most people give it credit for, and the payoff in the end was just amazing. This movie had me pulling my hair in anxiety and nearly jumping out of my seat with excitement. I've also fallen in love with these characters. I personally believe that it is the new best superhero film, but, even if you aren't going to think that, I can guarantee that at least 80% of those who watch it will be blown away with it. If you don't expect to like it, you'll probably end up liking it more than you expect, and, if you expect to like it, you will be thrilled to see that it's better than you thought.
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Dont rate until you watch please.

By krissizzle88
Written February 17, 2017
Was invited to a private 3D pre-screening with Citi Bank Wednesday. Highly rated but extremely disappointed. Want a good movie? Watch the preview. You'll see all the best parts I promise. Expect a lot of monologue and a slow slow slow start. Luckily it was free for me! Sorry guys. Hence I am a HUGE fan of the franchise and judged as an excited, awaiting fan like you all. Enough to spend time seeing it first. Everyone who walked out with us talked and agreed. But enjoy and don't spend too much ;)
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not good

By txswalker
Written February 17, 2017
saw this today at a company private screening. lots of slow drowning monologue followed up by a obviously CGI finally. if your a comic nerd you might think it's ok but the darkness in our superheros take all the hero out of the characters and helps illustrate what's going wrong in Hollywood and our world. seems we have forgotten what a hero and goodness is. and we have ran out of any original thought. maybe worth a Redbox rental. but then again probably not.
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By adrianparkes
Written February 17, 2017
I don't even know where to begin with this mess.....
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proves critics have their heads in asses

By rideofsteel01
Written February 17, 2017
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