My all time favorite super hero, one of my all time favorite movies

By This fans fa you
Written April 18, 2008
I can't wait for the sequel.
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Excellent. It says it all...

By Big Poppa
Written June 07, 2007
Not the greatest Batman movie this far. Of course, i mean, you can't be better than Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton, just not possible. Wasn't as good as Batman Returns, with a cast of Danny DeVito, Christopher Walken, Michael Keaton, Michelle Pfifer. Those movies were outstanding, they set standards for superhero movies, and you can't deny that.
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Favorite Hero/Faroite Movie

By MARK9994
Written May 06, 2007
This movie rules! Batman is back on top where he belongs.
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Best movie ever until The Dark Knight

By Scoot M16
Written May 31, 2008
This is my favorite movie ever made, until the dark knight comes out. I saw this 3 times in theaters and bought it the day it came out on dvd. THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER MADE!!
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Good, but...

By defunctzombie
Written July 13, 2008
This is definitely my favorite of the live action movies (Dark Knight excluded). Christian Bale makes an excellent Batman. I like how his Bruce Wayne and Batman voices are very distinct, reminiscent of Kevin Conroy's from the cartoon. Michael Keaton tried this, but you can barely tell. The use of the Scarecrow fits very well. My problem is with the rest of the movie and how it takes so long to get to the point. The whole thing with Rachael Dawes seems irrelevant. I understand that Bruce Wayne needs a love interest, but she comes off as someone impossible to love. The one thing I really hate about this movie is how they play Ra's al Ghul. The plan, while something he would do, is overly dramatized. Plus, the way they kept pronouncing his name wrong took me out of the whole thing! I really only watch this one anymore to get to the Joker card at the end.
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