Batman Begins Movie Review

By Asianfreak
Written February 28, 2012
91 out of 100 It's entertaining, smart, exciting. The thrilling legacy of Batman returns to slam more thugs to sleep.
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Not a great Super-hero's a GREAT MOVIE

By batman205
Written May 07, 2007
Director Christopher Nolan hits a bulls eye with a serious take on Batman. We follow the journey of Bruce Wayne from the loss of his parents through the personal, physical, and moral struggles he endures to become the Batman. The realistic take and up close and gritty film-work makes us believe. The film has an almost documentary feel to it. (Parents of very young Batman fans should be cautioned: There are some very scary moments in this film)
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A Great film!

By electro1
Written May 31, 2007
By Far the Best Batman yet! Christian Bale is amazing and Christopher Nolan did great!
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Best Batman

By cbstabler
Written April 29, 2007
This is the best Batman to ever come out. It has so much action, but also have a great story. Christian Bale is awesome.
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By tinny
Written September 11, 2007
Batman Begins is enough to satisfy any Batman lover. It takes the world of comics escpecislly " Year One" and brings it to the magic of the big screen. Any fan of comics should check this out. Even if your not a fan it's worth the time.
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