Batman & Robin Synopsis
Batgirl joins the caped crusaders to stop Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy from wreaking revenge.
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By Movie geek 1997
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Way too campy

By defunctzombie
Way to go Warner Bros. You have made the worst comic book movie ever. It was a fun movie, but they just botched the characters up so badly, everything gets taken away. Batman with a credit card? Epic...

This is a shame to batman

By thedarkknight8002

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By redyeah
really cheesy but still fun...

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By nadeemstooges
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This movie kinda sucked!

By moviespoiler795
The action was ok but they could've done a better cast.They should've stayed with Michael Keaton who was the original batman because he was a lot better....


By Mr.Le-bow-ski
god this is a horrible movie. They picked about the worst actors possible Arnald swarchen****why. He does not remind me at all of mr.freeze. They should have got someone more crazy. Also whats up...

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By jerryjesudason
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By vacm2014
Worst Batman movie ever made...


By liamneillphilly
Awesome movie...

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Rated PG-13 | For Strong Stylized Action and Some Innuendo
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