Oh Yaa

By Pauly-Williams
Written August 11, 2008
This movie was great. It was way better than all the other batman movies before it
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Batastic Movie

By justmovie
Written August 02, 2008
This is a great, herotic movie. Batman Begins is when Batman fights the Scarecrow. This is a Must Go! No questions asked, or have feedback on.
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Batman Begins Movie Review

By spencerhutapea
Written August 30, 2015
91 out of 100 It's thrilling and suspenseful, smart and exciting. It defines the word of "superhero" that needs no powers to be super. Batman proves that with some nifty gadgets and with a brilliant origin story. It is a perfect way to begin an epic franchise.
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By Legin
Written August 09, 2009
Simply wonderful. Well done. Great story, acting, casting. Very enjoyable
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By Phronc
Written August 01, 2007
This was a great Dark Knight movie. It really shows where The Batman came from. It is not your Adam West Batman (not that the TV series was bad... hell I grew up on that... where the original "BAM!" came from).
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