Bart Got a Room Synopsis
A nerdy high-school senior wants to score with a cute gal on prom night.
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Bart Got a Room

By thearmchaircritic
Sweet film but SOOOO stereotypical Miami Beach that I found it annoying. Acting was good, however, but not every Jewish person in Miami has a big nose and kinky hair! If you can get past that, it...

A terrific time at the movies

By C_P_S
"Bart Got a Room" pulls off an amazing feat. It's one of the funniest movies I've seen in years AND it's got tons of heart. Highly recommended. Check it out. You'll love it....

Would My Jewish Granother Adore This Story

By NathanielQueen
I think not!!!...

Great fun movie

By like a good movie
Saw it at Tribeca last April. Great fun film. Recommend. You will enjoy it and walk away smiling...

Steven Kaplan is worth seeing

By stsmovies
Although this movie is only so-so, Steven Kaplan is worth seeing. He is clearly a young actor worth meeting in his first full length movie. He IS the part he portrays. His completely believable and...

bart got a room

By bartgotaroomfan
william macy and this new kid steve kaplan are hysterical together. the stuff they pull out is so embarrassingly funny that the laughter was just yanked from my body. this movie is not the kind of...

loved it

By orbivirus
Went to high school with this guy. Very funny. My wife cried....

Bart Got A Room

By sammyavel
It was a very funny movie! I liked it very much......

Terrific Flick

By schnoodc
Hilarious. Acting/Directing is really good. Entertaining script. Go and have fun!...

Bart Got A Room

By jrf335
Great art pic. funny. quirky. hilarious dialogue that perfectly encapsulates the awkwardness that is senior prom. also, great performances from William H. Macy and newcomer Steven Kaplan. I sincerely...

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