Barnyard: The Original Party Animals Synopsis
Party cow begins to grow up.


Movie Reviews

"udderly" Barnyard trash

By cynthiainglis
After the first 4 minutes of the movie, our 4 year old asked, "Why does the bull have udders?" All the MALE cattle in BARNYARD have UDDERS!! The humor is RUDE & not family friendly nor funny. The...

Save your money.

By marylandmoviegoers
Don't buy, rent, or otherwise waste your money or time. Took a clever idea and wasted it. And I can't get over the male "cows" with udders....

worst animated movie ever!!!

By xtremskier
1st of i was emotionaly disturbed that... they had udders on male cows!!! even my 7 year old cousin knowest that!!! and it kind of had the same plot line as lion king except for lion king was wayyy...


By les_paul
I took my girl friend and she thought it sucked...

Pablo's review

By Drisandi
I liked the father's song very much. it was funny when the son moo-ed like a ordinary cow. it was great....


By Plastikitty75
Super boring, even some of my kids disliked it....


By i_am_cool!!45150
Barnyard is a pretty funny movie but when the dad dies it just messes up the whole movie. I think they could of made the movie a little less scary and a little more funny. And the dad did not have to...

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Rated PG | For some mild peril and rude humor
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Common Sense Media says A re-hash of tired cliches and CGI effects.
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