• Released
  • January 14, 2011
  • (Limited 1/14/11)
  • R , 2 hr 12 min
  • Art House/Foreign

Barney's Version

By terryw973
Written February 01, 2011
While performances were excellent, you should read the novel first and then (soon!) see the film. The film doesn't follow the novel exactly, but very close, and reading it will help you appreciate some of the scenes that seem to run by a bit too quickly. But do go to see it -- like other Richler stories, Barney (without giving the film away) is searching to be a somebody, and here we see his version of his life juxtaposed with the version of others as he makes his way. Very thought-provoking (and very funny at turns), it will stay with you longer than you would expect.
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Meaty but Sad -- A Tale of Class

By parsonsdavid
Written February 01, 2011
This movie is an epic story of the life of Barney, an unremarkable every-man character, played wonderfully by Paul Giamatti. It's a movie about ethnic, cultural, occupation, sex, age, and health differences in people and about relationship stress caused by inability to cope well with those differences. Because of the stress element, it's not always an easy film to watch, but it does leave the viewer with a sense that alot has transpired over the two hour sitting!
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The Emotions of a lifetime!

By AnnMarie_Fan
Written February 16, 2011
This movie sneaks up on you with all the wild ways of a rich young life, hard work, hard drinking and wild women, however you don't realise that gradually things are changing all the time. The acting is excellent and the directer on his first movie having done a lot of good TV work proves that he is very capable of controlling a movie. The pacing and sure touch with the actors stands out. Maybe not for everybody, younger viewers or people with short attention spanswho need lots of action would not not sit still for 2 hours of this!
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Great acting

By StevieGJD
Written December 02, 2010
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Worth seeing

By hgoldman77
Written January 30, 2011
This is a well-drawn look at some complicated and flawed characters, not without their grace, humanity and wit, who manage to complicate and injure their lives in some very uncomfortable and heart-breaking ways. So it's not especially pretty to watch, and the car-crash-in-slow-motion aspect of it makes the experience more unpleasant than it would otherwise have been. Giamatti and Hoffman lead a brilliant cast, and that is a large part of the pleasure of taking the movie in. Also some lovely shots of Rome, Montreal and the Canadian countryside...It's a story that's affecting, but also a bit over-the-top.
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