By npatterson2
Written February 22, 2014
This movie isn't based on BARFUSS as much as BARFUSS is based on the BAREFOOT writer's (Stephen Zotnowski) original screenplay from the '90s, which Schweiger & Co. bought, rewrote and produced in Germany. Zotnowski didn't even know BARFUSS existed until coming across a bootleg DVD. He complained to the WGA because the BARFUSS writing credits weren't determined by their procedures and he had written under a WGA contract. In 2008 (years after the film's theatrical and video release) the German production company agreed to new writing credits under WGA arbitration. Arbitration committee gives Zotnowski sole story and shared screenplay credit with Schweiger & others (he wanted sole "written by") so he sued the WGA, claiming they fucked up the credit arbitration. He lost (right or wrong, it's hard to beat the WGA in court). Along with the credit arbitration there was a legal arbitration on Zotnowski's behalf and I believe he got a small settlement and remake rights to his original script
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Fun MOvie

By ptafelski26
Written February 27, 2014
Cast is fun and movie moves quick with good ending. Just enjoy it and don't stress out or think too much. Great visuals. Nice story. A lot of the critics must not have watched the whole movie. Most of the reviews I read don't make sense after seeing the film. Lazy writers IMO. Worth seeing.
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Great Romantic Feel Good Movie

By jhwstmbt
Written February 22, 2014
I thought the acting was good and the story was fun! It's the kinda of movie that will put you in a great mood. So... See it
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