Barefoot Synopsis
The "black sheep" son of a wealthy family meets a free-spirited, but sheltered woman . To convince his family that he's finally straightened out his life, he takes her home for his brother's wedding where an improbable romance blooms, as she...
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By Susan Wloszczyna
There is one thing about Barefoot that makes it at least a guilty pleasure. Once you ignore how improbable Daisy is — there is something...
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Movie Nation

By Roger Moore
Barefoot is “Rainman” meets “Benny & Joon.”
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The Dissolve

By Mike D'Angelo
It’s never fully clear whether Daisy is a severely damaged woman with the mental development and social skills of a 10-year-old, or just a...
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Arizona Republic

By Barbara VanDenburgh
It’s a spectacularly wrong-headed, chemistry-free romance, and too dumb to know how sexist it is.
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Village Voice

By Michael Nordine
The gradual revelation that there's more to Daisy than meets the eye is no great surprise, but it does at least negate — too late! — some...
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By Dennis Harvey
If the film had a loopier or more fable-styled atmosphere, the concept might have seemed easier to swallow. But Fleming treats Stephen...
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New York Post

By Sara Stewart
With any luck, this’ll be the death knell of the idiot-savant rom-com.
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New York Daily News

By Elizabeth Weitzman
This ill-advised romance from director Andrew Fleming is the sort of indie lark that nearly drowns in its own whimsy. Wade in at your own...
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Los Angeles Times

By Robert Abele
It's dispiriting enough that we're still getting movies about the cute side of mental illness, but to turn someone rendered childlike by...
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The New York Times

By Stephen Holden
The movie acts like screwball comedy, but there are no laughs as Daisy and Jay’s connection lurches toward implausible romance.
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By npatterson2
This movie isn't based on BARFUSS as much as BARFUSS is based on the BAREFOOT writer's (Stephen Zotnowski) original screenplay from the '90s, which Schweiger & Co. bought, rewrote and produced in...

Fun MOvie

By ptafelski26
Cast is fun and movie moves quick with good ending. Just enjoy it and don't stress out or think too much. Great visuals. Nice story. A lot of the critics must not have watched the whole movie. ...

Great Romantic Feel Good Movie

By jhwstmbt
I thought the acting was good and the story was fun! It's the kinda of movie that will put you in a great mood. So... See it...

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Rated PG-13 | For Some sexual content including references, partial nudity, brief strong language and a scene of violence