Banshee Chapter Synopsis
On the trail of a missing friend who had been experimenting with mind-altering drugs, a young journalist – aided by a rogue counter-culture writer finds herself drawn into the dangerous world of top-secret government chemical research and the...
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By Sheila O'Malley
Like "Cat People", The Banshee Chapter is both elegant and terrifying.
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By Dennis Harvey
Proving the “Paranormal Activity” formula can still work when used with canny restraint, Erickson achieves good results with long, eerie...
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By Laremy Legel
Where The Banshee Chapter thrives is the overwhelming claustrophobia of the film.
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Slant Magazine

Director Blair Erickson surely has style to burn, even if he oftentimes betrays his atmospheric shorthand and gets cold feet at the most...
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Frank Scheck
Blair Erickson’s inventive low-budget horror film doesn’t fully live up to its provocative premise, and its extensive use of the...
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Los Angeles Times

By Sheri Linden
The central drama never fully engages, but the jolts that Banshee delivers are check-the-locks scary.
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The A.V. Club

By A.A. Dowd
Blending supernatural hokum with real horrors of U.S. history — namely, the MKUltra experiments performed by the CIA in the 1950s — The...
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Genuinely scary

By DannyLam16
I actually really liked this movie. I am always fascinated by old govt experiments and I thought it was a great core to set up some good scares. All around for a low budget movie you can't ask for...

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Rated R | For for some violence/disturbing images, drug use, language and brief nudity.