rate bangkok dangerous

By Babbyluv77
Written June 24, 2008
I think that it is ad awsome movie for adults,but not for anyone under 18 becauce of the fact that there are seens that kids are not ready for and schould not see.
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Ok people...

By meccassault
Written September 06, 2008
first off, i hate it when people decide to put their two cents in when they haven't even seen it yet. Especially when they feel the need to knock it before it has even hit opening night. Then rate it too as if they have a clue as to what they are rating...you can't possibly rate something accurately based on what you ASSUME it will be. That is retarded. Now, I however did see it. If you like Cage films, then i think you will love this movie. Definitely one of his stronger films. I was interested throughout the whole film. Has a lot of action, some unexpected good acting from the whole cast of unknowns alongside Cage. The ending is unexpected to some degree and controversial. It ended strong but, not the way I had hoped or pictured it, which made it more realistic...i respect that even if i didn't want that. Let's just say it was def. worth going to see. why are you still reading this..go, now!
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By VioletDC
Written August 01, 2008
Hells yeah, I'm goin'!
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The Mongoloid Returns

By Bingoismynamo
Written September 06, 2008
This movie(and I use that word loosely) is horrific from beginning to end. From revolting dialogue, to Nicholas Cage's mongoloid acting, to a doltish plot, to trite special effects and finally the use of every movie cliche known to man. This movie promises everything and delivers nothing. If people keep going to see dreck like this then Nicholas Cage will continue to be employed in a profession that he has no talent for and Hollywood will continue to make movies like this.
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Bangkok Dangerous

By charles_w_shaffer
Written September 06, 2008
Awful - don't waste your money. Assassin Dude falls in love at first sight with a deaf foreigner!? How f-ing lame!!! This one falls flat except for the little bit of dancing Thai girls that you get to see.
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