True Movie Review About The Creators and Hollywood in General

By rogue savior
Written December 21, 2007
This movie is full of ***gotry and gay men content. The devil has truely entered the hearts of the creators. I hope Alah sends his Jihadists and suicide bombers to the place where they and their families congregate. This would be justice! Hollywood has gone too far and is really doing their best to taint American children's hearts with gay ***gotry. It is our civic duty to put an end to this!!! Let God intervene as he did in Babalon and destry all who are trying to contaminate his world! Let him protect his own people and shield them from the angels set forth to destry those who are going to continually contaminate his people and young. May the lord grant justice upon these sinners with destruction of their earnings and prevent them of producing such evil movies. May all hackers share this movie freely so they earn nothing in return for such sin.
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Sucks. A waste of money.

By bfxxcpoon
Written July 25, 2008
Not funny at all. I did not laugh one bit.
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So funny

By Applebots
Written August 21, 2007
saw the film and absolutely loved it. its good old fashioned laugh out loud comedy. Extremely entertaining and require absolutely no thought! i love these guys
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By movie man101
Written August 13, 2007
it will be so funny i will cry it will be oh so funny it still will be funny great actors i mean it will be the perfect movie
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Very Funny

By amashenahan
Written August 29, 2007
This movie is hilarious - I just saw it. I really enjoyed Christopher Walken and was pleasantly suprised by Dan Folger's performance. For those wanting to see a great summer comedy, check this one out.
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